Gallinée Skincare

Gallinée Is the brainchild of Dr. Marie Drago. A doctor in pharmacy with over 15 years of experience working for successful and innovative skincare brands. Marie’s research on the microbiome and the enormous benefits of harnessing helpful bacteria gave her the vision to create Gallinée’s formulations.

Gallinée is the first brand to take care and look into skin’s protective ecosysteem called the microbiome, using prebiotic (a natural nutrient that helps the growth of probiotics) and probiotic (any micro-organism that is beneficial to us)  and lactic acid (naturally produced to by some of our good bacteria, it helps you microbiome thrive while fending off the bad bacteria) complex based on the latest research in microbiology aiming to give back healthy glowing skin, like the one you were born with.

The skincare products basically help your skin to help itself, for results you can feel right away. I concur. I can definitely recommend the foaming facial cleanser, the brightening youthful serum and the body milk. You should try it for yourself and see the results.

Gallinée Skincare is available thru HARVEY NICHOLS

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