GET the from BAREFACED to STARDOM looks. This is how!

So my “from BAREFACED to STARDOM” palette is a fact. Maybe you’ve purchased it in your enthusiasm because you know that if I say it worth it, it usually is. Or maybe you’re just not sure yet because there are a lot of colors to choose from. Nevertheless in this detailed how to I’ll guide you from an office to a night out look.


Is never actually totally bare. It is all about creating that flawless and clean finish with a hint of color from which brown and copper tones always seem right as they make your eyes (and eye color) stand out. After using an eyelid primer use the off white color (355) to even out the eyelid.  The bronze color (464) is one of my favorite because it’s so versatile. Add this color in the crease to create some depth. Add the same color near the lower lash line (not a must) Use the soft pink (397) to blend the two colors.

Add a hint of sparkle (46) near the browbone to enlarge an finish the soft smokey eye. By using the kohl pencil in blue between the lashes you’ll create that open eye and give the illusion of longer lashes.  Use a pop of color, just below the jawline to contour (464) Yep, that same bronze color. Then use the peachy / orange color exactly on the apples of the cheeks and blend for that beach walk effect. Mix the two lip colors (24+ 509) together (cream to matte) for that subtle finish.


Adds that extra sparkle and intensity. Use the guideline as mentioned above as a perfect base. By using my favorite universal purple (308) in the crease and just above, you’ll turn your BARE FACE into a STARDOM night look. Don’t forget to wiggle a little extra kohl pencil in my favorite blue between the lashes and above to create that extra smokey eye effect. With the sparkling UNICORN dust (46) you’ll have that highlighter on fleek. Use this same color on the brow bone to spike up your evening or party look.

Need a pop fresh color on the cheeks? Loving the multifunctional lip and cheek color in old pink (51) for an on point pout. Use the versatile bronze color (464) as a bronzer for the cherry on top. Finish your look by subtly adding some brow powder that comes as a three in one. (107)

From from BAREFACED to STARDOM it is. Have fun! J


Find my “from BAREFACED to STARDOM palette HERE  

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