An  unprecedented  concept,  BEE  GLOW  shakes  up  the  codes  of  beauty,  delivering  exceptional hydration and  a  “wet-look”  effect  that  captures  light  to  restore  the  volume  of  the  face  and  resculpt  it.  A  skincare cream and  skin enhancer in  one,  BEE  GLOW  offers  women  the  promise  of youthfull – looking radiance.


The beauty regimes of Korean Women is quite fascinating and fashionable as we speak. The preference is skincare that that contain moist as a humectant, making skin look youthful and flawless. In the meantime the formula promises to address wrinkles and fine lines leaving skin looking extremely hydrated due the subltle glow added to the skin.

GUERLAIN is available thru DOUGLAS


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