Guerlain L’Art & La Matière Perfume Collection

The new L’ Art & La Mature collection is true work of art. In my experience Guerlain fragrances have always had a certain twist, making them different from other scents even though the raw materials may seem the same as other scents on the market. At the heart of Guerlain, you will find rare materials expertly crafted.

Rose is used as a central material as it carries many different aspects and characteristics. The new fragrances are based on roses and can be seductive, romantic, or sultry. Rose Chérie is a beautiful scent with a rose that lingers on the skin for a very long time. Paris is called the city of love, so Rose Chérie is that dream of Paris, its romance. Such an uplifting perfume treat.

The Santal Pao Rosa for example is a rose with sandalwood which is described as very grounded. True, yet the added rose is absolutely there giving the Santal Pay Rose a beautiful twist. Some of the additions to L’Art & La Matière are fragrances that have been renamed, but the formulas remain the same. Fragrance is a form of expression which I love. Smells can inspire you and trigger your creativity. That said; these perfumes are truly beautiful and worth exploring. They come in 100 or 200 ml eye-catching bottles which are true pieces of art on their own. Perfume dreams to make new memories with. (100 ML | € 295,00) 


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