Hair Remedies By Christophe Robin & Original Mineral

To be honest, i go to my hairdresser on a very regular basis. They are my care takers. In between hairdresser visits I take care of my hair with a little serum that helps to keep it fluffy. Next to that I use a product that protects my hair from excessive heat due to the flat iron. Nevertheless, I do love to try new products. The purifying hair finishing lotion (with Sage Vinegar) and regenerating hair finish lotion (with Hibiscus Vinegar) smells a little perculiar in the beginning but when you see the effect it has on your hair the slight perculiar-ness evaporates and makes way for a lovely fresh and soft scent.

Christophe Robin and Original Mineral 1

Can you imagine that in the 19th century vinegar was used as a beauty elixer as a toner to soften skin and as a base for perfume with a flower or citrus extract. A favorite scent of many in those days. We can probably all remember grandmother’s tip to rinse your hair with vinegar after washing to achieve healthy and shiny hair. Now nice to seen how old and new come together.

The purifying hair finishing lotion contains notes of Citrus, Clove, Vetiver and White Musc (200 ML | €36) has soothing and rebalancing properties while the regenerating hair finish lotion (200 ML | €36) contain antioxidants. The brightening hair finish (which I shoud try as a momentarily blonde) adds shine as blonde can look dull, especially during summer.  All three help remove residue left on the scalp (think oil build up and soap) and brings lightness and shine. Easy does it.

Christophe Rodin & Original Mineral

The Project Sukuroi (100g | €37,50) gold smoothing balm by Original Mineral was recently brought to my attention, and I must say I am impressed. It actually does what it promises and that is giving hair a featherlike softness and smoothness. It contains Macadamia and Gold of Pleasure Oil to smooth, strengtens and recover hair. Oh, and it smells divine. You just have to add a pea size on clean yet damp hair. Comb it through and style with a flat iron or blow dry. Easy does it. Again.



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