I Love Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Matte Lip &Cheek Gloss

Tremendously fond of this little gadget. It has a balmy texture yet a matte finish making it fun and easy to play around with. It gives you the appearance as if your glowing from within. Like a walk on the beach. The fun part is that it looks matte but you’ll have more than enough blending time. What I like to do is apply a small amount on the cheeks all the way up to the cheekbone, the fade it out and apply a lighter shade of blush powder on top. The result is stunning and fresh looking and makes the blush stay perfectly in place without the need to touch up. They come in four shades from witch the Honest Politician and Deafening Silence are my everyday favorites.

Lipstick queen lipstick queen 1 Lipstick queen

Available thru www.babassu.nl


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