Hermetica Molecular Perfume

If you’re not sitting down you might want to because this article might change the way you want to smell forever. Hermetica was exclusively launched online on the 31st of July 2018 as the first digital perfume brand in its sort. Starting with a secret, a secret way to create the perfect perfume where traditional perfume elements are transformed to an elixir within the perfume industry.

A modern molecular perfume collection that contains an alcohol free formula that can even be worn while sunbathing. Hermetica consists of 12 perfumes and four collections named: Dry Waters, Emerald Stairways, The Door and Vertical Amber. My favorite is the Amberbee from the Vertical Amber collection. It contains Bergamot, sweet powder wood and Amber molecule.  

My other favorite (up to now) is Rosefire. One of the three from the Dry Water collection containing Floral Violet, Rose Absolute and Davana (fruity and slightly woody) essence. Fun fact; what you smell on the skin directly is what you get. It doesn’t change on the skin. How cool is that.

The source is a standalone perfume and can be found in every Hermetica perfume. The concentration varies from 20% to 60% through all the collections and can be worn on its own or it can be added as a layer to any perfume, and especially the 12 other perfumes. What you will notice is that the fragrances are long wear and hydrating at the same time (very impressive). The brand works with natural and synthetic ingredients. Using natural ingredients helps to give perfume its roots while the synthetic molecules allows a modern refinement.

The scent are pretty powerful, smell amazing and are soft and gentle for the skin while in the meantime respecting the environment with a mix of modernity.  (From 50 ml | € 100)

Go and have a smell for yourself at SKINS COSMETICS.

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