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Shoreditch is a neighbourhood with a long history of culture and industry,  home of the world famous open-air market on Brick Lane, and a canvas for street artists from around the world. Today’s Shoreditch is a leader in the arts, design, cuisine, culture and technology — an outpost in the global community of ideas. And you could say that Ace Hotel London brings 100 Shoreditch High Street into harmony.

There’s plenty of good food, from curry on Brick Lane to bubble and squeak on Rivington, and no shortage of pubs where you can order a pint of locally-brewed craft beer. By the time you think you’ve seen it all there will be something new, and you can start getting to know Shoreditch all over again, like meeting up again with an old friend.

ACE Hotel 1ACE Hotel Shoreditch London - Lobby Desk

The Ace hotel has an atmosphere that breathes welcome and makes you feel at home immediately, which is nice especially when travelling on your own. The lobby at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch is a hub for social interaction as well as a personal space for work or leisure. Organic and locally-sourced materials, like a cork ceiling fitted with copper light fixtures surely helps to steep the setting in the local visual culture. Next to that think brick patterns and a skylight that draws natural daylight. All of this adds to the airy uniqueness of the lobby area space.

ACE Hotel Shoreditch London - Lobby

The rooms are like mini lofts or apartments where you’ll find a collection of furniture and objects acquired over time with each different stories and memories attached. When entering the room the first thing I picked up during my last visit were a few of the crafted elements that make the environment unique like sketches, maps and pads from local makers, but also books, pin up corks and found curiosities.

ACE Hotel Shoreditch London - Room1

ACE Hotel Shoreditch London - RoomACE Hotel Shoreditch London -In room bottle details

If you feel like hanging out, you can. Dine, drink and dance in the lobby. Nearly every night of the week there is a different DJ spinning away until late. A high recommended place when visiting London.

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