IKA Lipsticks – Your Best You

RED lipstick is confidence in a tube. It’s the make-up product with instant va-va-voom. From the deepest crimsons to the brightest cherry hues, red lipstick is the can’t-miss style shot—if you take it, you’re always going to score a stunning look. That’s why women are always looking for new ways to incorporate a red lip into their days and nights.

IKA believes that beauty should be all about YOUR BEST YOU, IKA also believes there is a go-to – red lipstick colour for everyone. For some people, a red lipstick is a statement colour to be worn every day. For others, it’s much more about complementing your fashionable look during a special occasion. When you choose IKA I think you will be able to wear your red confidently. The three colours are fierce, yet the blue undertones keep it fresh. The lipsticks are loaded with pigment and you will love the staying power. When I wear red lips I use them as a blush for a flush of colour. The packaging is cheerful and feels like a present in itself.

The Colors:

“ You Got This” is a timeless true red (34,00)
“ Level Up ”, is described as a vampy bold brick red with a warm earthy shade, that is a muted brick red, no merlot to be seen (34,00)
“ Call The Shots ”, a fun cherry red, just that fresh kind of red (34,00)

Red lipstick is powerful in the way no other make-up item or piece of clothing can be. It’s unavoidable and potent; it’s also unquestionably, unabashedly feminine. That makes it unlike pretty much every other cosmetic or garment: it embodies strength and womanliness in equal measures. When you wear it, wear it well.

IKA’S debut collection is available HERE

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