Juliette Has A Gun – Endless Summer Perfume

Meet Magnolia Bliss. A fruity and floral perfume that smells like summer in a bottle. It contains plum and bergamot that gives it that freshness. Nice to know: the fragrance is inspired by the 70’s. Lots of freedom and beach summer sunsets. It also contains Ambroxan and Musk.

The ingredient Amboxan which I love is also described as an olfactive magnifying glass, which glazes over top notes making them shine while also rounding out the overall punch of the perfume. I can relate to this description because Ambroxan makes other ingredients more lively. If your looking for an endless summer perfume Magnolia Bliss might just be what you’re looking for. (110 ml | €120)

Juliettehasagun is available HERE

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