La Mer – The Concentrate

This product is designed for fragile skin on the face and body. The concentration of Crème de la Mer’s original Miracle Broth complements skin’s own natural healing process.

When you have scars caused by surgery and burns the concentrée noticeably improves the skin. Redness and irritation that might be caused by chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments are visibly diminished in 8 weeks.

After using this product for two weeks my skin feels extremely soft, and feels as if there is a protective veil on the skin. The substance is absolutely divine, the scent natural and works wonders for you senses. If you have dry, sensitive or pulling skin, the Miracle broth will help to soften the skin and hydrate these areas.

I would recommend using this product at night. If you use the concentrée under your daily makeup, it might not set as well, but if you have severe dry skin, you could try to see if it works for you. Just like you, your skin rests at night  intensifying any kind of healing process during this time.

How to use:

To complement skin’s natural healing process and improve the appearance of scars, thoroughly massage onto affected area at least twice per day.

La Mer’s scientists recommend using The Concentrate in tandem with Crème de la Mer to seal in its vital, skin-renewing benefits. Consulting a  physician prior to use after surgery or any other serious skin trauma is recommended.

Available in 30 ml from the 1st of March 2019

The Concentrate 15ml           € 165,-
The Concentrate 30ml           € 325,-
The Concentrate 50 ml          € 440,- is available thru DE BIJENKORF

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