Laura Mercier Blush Color Infusion

Nothing gives you the sense of youthfulness and the appearance of health the way your cheeks do. After all, the cheeks represent the two largest areas of your face, so its something people notice. As healthy looking cheeks are part of the flawless face instead of just being an accessory like the eyes and lips. Color your cheeks for that extra fresh and clear appearance.

What I like about the blush range is that due to natural mica, encapsulated Lauroyl derivated from coco oil gives the skin a comfortable feeling, just like a second skin.

It’s  absolutely long lasting (up to 10 ours) and you can layer to intensify your look.

The color range below:

Ginger – a matte pale Nude | Fresco – Sheen Brown Nude | Chai – Matte Dirty Rose | Strawberry – Matte Bright Pink | Rose – Matte rose Pink | Pomegranate – Sheen Fuchsia Pink | Peach – Sheen Light Coral Grapefruit – Sheen Red Coral | Sangria – Sheen Plumberry | Kir Royale – Matte Berry Wine ( 6 gr. |€ 30)


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