Les Pinceaux de Chanel

With Les Pinceaux de Chanel, these indispensable make-up tools are no longer reserved for professionals. Now, all women can use them, even those with no make-up experience. Lucia Pica, CHANEL Global Make-up and Color Designer, wanted to give all women access to her make-up techniques by creating a complete range of brushes for the complexion, eyes and lips.

There’s a new of make-up brushes developed by Chanel’s creative make-up director Lucia Pica and I have the privilege to test a few of them. From a make-up artist point of view a set of brushes is a great investment in your beauty wardrobe.

It makes it so much more fun to play around with colors and textures when products can glide over the skin with the help of great tools. The heavier the foundation, the more convenient a synthetic foundation brush can be. It helps to even out the skin tone without leaving any marks or streaks.


When it comes to a blush brushes this a brush you really can’t live without. The bristle should not be too big or to wide and this Chanel version is perfect. Another one of my favorite brushes is the angled brush as it fits just below the cheekbone making it easy to apply bronzer privately.

Never leave the house without a good  eyebrow brush, you never know who you’re going to meet. (just kidding) The truth is that eyes and the frame, the brows are the window to your soul. It nice to have them in tip top shape. You can accomplish that any time of the day with the retractable version. Good to go.

A long story short, toss out the old brushes and in with the new. You never know what your gonna get. The pinceaux collection contains 13 brushes and starts from € 28,00


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