The L’Oréal Paris Face Oil Issue By @SantushaKana

I think a good face oil is a musthave to recover and nurture your skin these days and its not only for dry skin. L’Oréal Paris selected 8 essential oils for magical face treatment: Extraordinairy Oil recovers en nurtures and rejuvenates your skin intensively and recovers the moisture level which is great.

The face oil can be used in the morning or evening, for daily use or for an extra boost. The oil is absorbed immediately without leaving a greasy layer on your skin. The aromatic scent gives you a feeling of intense wellness when you massage the oil into your skin.

The 8 essential oils are used in aromatherapy because of their healing properties and can be used on all skin types naturally.

You might want to treat your face with this extraordinairy oil this winter! I know I will.

The Extraordinary Oil € 18,99 L’Oréal Paris Face Oil - Massaji Kream € 16,99

 L’Oréal Paris Face Oil


Santusha Kana



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