Skin Fetish Sublime collection by Pat McGrath Labs

During my recent visit to London I had a great meet up at Pat McGrath were I had the privilege to test drive the new skin fetish collection containing a primer, a wide range of foundation, setting powders plus a complementary foundation and powder brush.

The primer is water based and contains hyaluronic acid that helps to preserve suppleness, elasticity and tone. I love the substance of the primer as it visibly smooths the skin and leaves the skin looking dewy yet mattified at the same time. If you prefer a waterbased primer instead of a silicone version (just as I do), you will appreciate this version. (30 ml | €56,00)

The skin fetish sublime perfecting foundation has the consistency of a blemish balm (BB) or color corrective (CC) and is buildable. It you crave mattifying heavy duty foundation, then this is not the foundation for you.

I love the fact that it comes in 36 colors, it nourishes the skin due to Vita-Serum Complex and is designed to help fight the formation of wrinkles by preserving the hydrolipidic film barrier of the skin. It also contains slightly light reflecting pigments leaving the skin looking healthy, fresh and above all smooth (35ml | €63,00)

The setting powder is absolutely amazing. It doesn’t contain any parabens or fragrance. It does contain micronized Amino Acid Treated Pigments in hexagonal giving a barely-there feel and a soft-focus effect that visibly blur fine lines and imperfections.

It’s comes in five shades from which the recommendations are below. Even though medium deep 4 was recommended as it pairs with my foundation in nr. 24 , I chose medium 3 as it blended perfectly with my skin tone. (€51.00)

LIGHT 1 – Pairs with foundation shades 1-7

LIGHT MEDIUM 2 – Pairs with foundation shades 8-14

MEDIUM 3 – Pairs with foundation shades 15-21

MEDIUM DEEP 4 – Pairs with foundation shades 22-28

DEEP 5 – Pairs with foundation shades 29-36

PatMcGrathLabs is available thru SELFRIDGES 

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