My Make-Up No Make-up Routine Based On A look From Beyonce’s Formation Tour

Hi Everyone. Today I’ll be discussing “my make-up no make-up routine” based on one of the looks from Beyoncé’s Formation Tour.

Formation Tour Beyonce

It’s pretty early in the morning and you really need to get up but you pushed the snooze button to often. Oh Lord! Quick shower, get dressed and off you go. STOP. Rewind. And this is what you need to do to get your face in Beyoncé shape. Naturally you don’t have to apply all the steps, find favourites and see what works for you.

Video 1
Step 1: A morning cleanser followed by great skincare is everything. (Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser, serum + Magic Cream.)
Step 2: Primer Protect in the Summer, Primer Hydrating (pick me up)
Step 3: Foundation. I used a tinted moisturizer in Walnut by Laura Mercier.
Step 4: Smashbox Concealer Primer (favourite of the moment), Becca Concealer
Step 5*: Use a cream blush on the cheeks for a rosy glow
Step 6:* On top a hell of fierce highlighter…

MakeUp No MakeUp
Step 7: Set everything with a mattifying powder. I used a bronzing powder in a setting powder in Elvis Duran by Bobbi Brown.
Step 8: Sweep a copper tone over the entire eyelid. There a several that can do the job. I love the bronzed copper by Laura Mercier.
Step 9: Try a dark blue eyeliner instead of black. It will brighten the eyes, and make your eye white appear lighter.
Step 10: Add a little definition the brow and comb them through + mascara. In this video I used Anastasia brow wiz in Auburn.

*Use the Lipstick Queen cheek/lip color balm after applying the foundation. Don’t wait for it to set. Set the crème blush with a wide brush or use your fingers to blend it in. You don’t want any streaks. Add a powder blush color on top. I am a great fan of the Mac Cosmetics pro version as they are blendable yet very pigmented. I never use just one color, but mix several colours to create my own.

* If you feel like using a highlighter which I love add it at the high point of the cheekbone as a cherry on top. My favourites are the pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold by Becca and the Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing powder in Santa Barbara.
Step4: To create a slight contrast I love the use of a bronzer. I will get into to the use of bronzers (for example for shaping) on another occasion but I love to use nr.4 by Bobbi Brown to add a little depth for the finishing touch.

Good Luck!


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