Miller Harris Myrica Muse Perfume & Loewe Earth

Tangerine, Pink Pepper, Patchouli, Rose, Rum, and sweetness from Vanilla. Just of few of the ingredients that bring this beautiful perfume together. It contains a blend of spices that give Myrica Muse its sophisticated charm without being too sweet or penetrating. Rose and Patchouli in the heart give it an interesting twist. (100 ML | €120.00)

Meet Loewe Earth. Earth is a celebration of youth and beauty. Call it a view of earthly nature through an artistic lens. Top notes of mimosa, violet, and amber are followed by a heart of musk and pear. Grounding the are two base notes: elemi, a spicy resin, and truffle, the interesting but mostly soothing, earthy cherry on top. It’s a very subtle yet grounded fragrance that has a clean and sophisticated finish. Versatile in balance. Unique and ungendered. Should I go on? You catch my drift. (100 ML | € 135)

MILLER HARRIS  and LOEVE are available HERE
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