Molton Brown – The Art Of Home Perfume

Molton Brown has more than fifty years of fragrance experience and transformed all of the knowledge into a new home collection that is designed for every interior, every occasion, and every mood. The collection contains beautiful fragrance objects that are as elegant as they are expertly crafted thinking of every little detail to transform any home into a magical retreat.

Molton Brown has also introduced a new, signature design; inspired by the early 1970s, the candles are molded into glass holders in the iconic Mayfair Ebony shade, which I love.

My favorite candle from the collection is the sparkling Orange & Bergamot which is as lovely and uplifting in the morning as it is to relax at the end of a working day. The collection contains a single-wick candle (190gr | € 55) and a triple-wick version (600gr | €100). Add the aroma reeds to complement the candle and have a subtle yet lingering scent to enjoy. (150ml | € 60)

Molton Brown is available HERE from the 26th of December 2022.

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