Ten tips on how to look fresh after a party night. Happy 2021!

There are a lot of reasons why we have short nights. We’ve partied till late on New Years Eve or just didn’t’ fall asleep because we were still too busy in our minds. Your body and mind didn’t get the well deserved rest needed, and it will show on the outside.
Frankenstein’s sister staring back at you in the mirror with red eyes, dark circles and an ashy and pale complexion.

After the party

What to do and how to hide the sleepless night effects over the skin?  Start pampering yourself.

1. Instead of drinking cold water, have a glass of cooked water with lemon instead. Models swear by drinking lemon water with hot water first thing in the morning. It clears toxins and really makes your skin glow.

Even better, try coconut water. One of the best drinks for quick pick-me- up. It detoxifies your body and replenishes dehydrated skin.

2. Begin by washing your face with cold water in order to feel refreshed . The cold water will cause a better blood circulation.

 3. Use a mild facial scrub to remove all the dead skin cells that have built up during the night out and can leave the skin looking dull.

4. Put your skin booster mask in the freezer for a few minutes, before applying. Rinse the mask off after 5 minutes with luke warm water, and pat dry.

5. Moisturize your face so it won’t feel too tight. A hydrating moisturizer will also help the skin regain it’s vitality.

How to look fresh after a party night

6. Apply a cold patch of ice or some cold cucumbers to get rid of the eye puffiness because cold and cucumber act as an astringent. The cold will make the fluid retained under the eyes to be absorbed, but this is only a short time relieve.

7. Apply secret concealer under your eyes to hide the dark circles. The concealer will hide the dark circles under the eyes making the colour similar to the rest of the skin.

8. Apply foundation or tinted moisturizer lightly. You will want to get slight coverage and a flawless complexion. If you add too much you will draw too much attention towards your tired face. Not going any where in particular except taking the dog for a walk? Then just apply skincare and a hydrating primer.

9. Curl your eyelashes to open up the eye area. Then apply mascara, lip gloss or lipstick to your lips as finishing touch. Try using a bright colored lipstick to distract from tired eyes, and draw attention to the lips.

10. If all of the above does not work go back to bed and save the tips for a next time.

Now that’s the way to get a fresh looking start of the day!

HAPPY 2021!

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