Never Go Alone Hand Wipes + Renew Hand Cream

After being introduced to the “Never Go Alone” hand sanitizing treatment mist, I have recently been pairing it with hand wipes. The hand wipes act as a sanitizer, skincare treatment, and a subtle unisex fragrance in one while neutralizing germs and bacteria with up to 65% alcohol. It contains grounding notes of Sandalwood, cardamom, and cedar wood contrasted with refreshing mint, eucalyptus, and citrus notes.  A fresh and versatile scent. (50 ML | €22)

The Never Go Alone hand-cream helps to reduce inflammation and dryness while strengthening the skin barrier to reverse signs of ageing and protect from environmental stress. A non greasy hand cream that is  packed with antioxidants and skin-replenishing peptides. The light notes of Sandalwood, cardamom, lavandin and cedar gives it a nice touch. (50 ML | €22)  


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