Nimue Skin Technology – Soothing Serum & Daily Calm And Restore

When the temperature drops your skin will be asking for a little extra TLC. During wintry days
I tend to apply hydrating masks more frequently to avoid my skin feeling tight and looking a little worn out. If you experience the same during fall and winter months and your skin feels sensitive and dry, itchy even, you might wat to consider the treatment products below.

To revitalise skin elasticity and balance you will need to nourish it. The clean soothing repair serum delivers targeted prebiotics, probiotics, phytobiotics, and essential minerals for healthy skin. The Nimue treatment serum is designed specifically for reactive skin, based on barrier repair, dermabiotics and anti-inflammatory, nourishing and hydrating actives. Dermbiotics are Prebiotics, probiotics, and phytobiotics that help to maintain the skin flora’s optimal bacterial balance, and protect the skinbarrier. Think of it as a fast delivering s.o.s. for the most sensitive skin. (30 ml | €79,00)

The Daily Calm and Restore is a treatment moisturiser based on powerful dermabiotics, plant stem cells and botanical active ingredients to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant benefits. You can use it as a day and night creme and works as an all in one. A smart creme that promises to provide that little extra for skin concerns.(50 ml | €79,00)


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