The Nineties Revival Lip Color Trend

Tak a close look. Brown lipstick is back and not only that, it’s pretty cool and surprisingly wearable. Look at this model where terracotta mouths are paired with a high-lacquered gloss. Think more cool and less sexy to take this nostalgic Nineties trend into modern territory and go for minimal make-up everywhere else.

Brown lipstick Trend2

Try it, and I am sure the colors will grow on you. You will feel a little rebellious but not in a bad way. The success of this lip look lies in finding the right shade. A tawny hue will look great on blondes and enhance any golden tones in the skin while a brown with a bluish undertone will look fantastic on woman of color.

Brown Lipstick Trend Riri

That said, Bobbi Brown recently launched oil-infused shine. Nourishing lip colors with a pop of color.



Brown Lipstick Trend

I bet one of these 20 colors will be suitable for this trend. Not a 100% brown lip girl? Mix it up and see what works for you.


BB Nourishing Lip Color oil Infused



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