NL  Exclusive preview: Black Tulip by Shay & Blue

After the London press trip last year I can honestly say I have a little crush on Shay & Blue. The moment you enter the store at York street, Marylebone it feels like home. Like you’ve stepped into a classic shay & blue bubble bath with daringly different and deliciously decadent fragrances to choose from. Salt Caramel is one of my favorite fragrances from the range because it’s, well, sublime. What can I say, it makes my rickatick tick harder!

Say Hi to the newest edition: Black Tulip.

So, on to the latest fragrance, Black Tulip. This new perfume has a real woodsy, floral, gourmand vibe to it. Brimming with dark juicy plums, white florals and wood accords layered with sweet white chocolate. Yum! The white florals are crisp and fresh with aquatic notes of morning dew. As for the base, that’s where things really start to come alive and make this fragrance special!

It’s a complete contradiction to the juicy, whimsical darkness earlier on the fragrance; Instead the base is warm, creamy, sweet, smooth and delicious. Without the darkness, there could be no deliciousness, without the spice, the sweetness would be insipid. It’s a beautifully considered combination! However, despite all the sweetness, spice, fruits and florals in the fragrance, Shay & Blue Black Tulip still manages to feel modern, fresh and uncluttered. I can’t wait for you all to experience it at the end of April 2018!  (30 ml | €45 – 100 ml| €80)


Top Notes: Snowdrops, Cyclamen

Heart Notes: Black Tulip, Plum

Base Notes: White Chocolate, Soft Woods

Perfumers: Dom De Vetta and Julie Massé

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