O.P.I Infinite Shine Soft Summer Nails 2015‏

O.P.I. has just launched a lovely new collection in addition to the star launch which gives you even more colors to choose from this summer. I don’t know how the weather is in your country at the moment, but here in the Netherlands it’s kind of dreary.

OPI Infinite Shine1

When the world lacks color and sparkle, why not put a little on your nails. That’s what I love to do. These playful colors last for weeks due to Infinite primer and the Infinite shine topcoat. The top coat works magic on other nail polish especially when used as an in between refreshment.

OPI Infinite Shine3

Add two coats of your favorite color and you are good to go. The high shine effect is amazing as it keeps your nails looking fresh and polished. I know what I’ll be wearing this summer, rain or shine… 🙂


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