OPI colorful PERU collection

I am still very proud to have won the most beautiful hands of the Netherlands award. That said it gives me the greatest pleasure to share the new fall collection with you. Inspired by Peru, one of the seven world wonders. In a search for natural beauty with a Bohemian vibe, inspiration was everywhere. From breathtaking archeology to sites to rainbow mountain to the biggest Inca ruins of the Machu Picchu.

The collection contains 12 tints of nail polish, in Infinite Shine and Gel color with colors that refer to earthly sandscapes with mauve undertones and lively colors. Captivating deep red and Bordeaux colors, red sand beaches and colorful historic buildings and the vlag of Peru. Just check under the hashtag Peru on Instagram and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Peru most definitely must be one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

Peruan model Juana Burga is the face for the collection. She travelled thru the country with OPI to find the most beautiful spots.

(15ml | € 18,95)

The collection launches on the 22th of August 2018


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