OPI Infinite Shine Collection

OPI had done it again, with the launch of the newest edition to the Infinite Shine collection. Eight shades that bring a little color of joy to your nails. From peach and pastels to olive for green nails. Reach for the sky is the limit.

OPI Infinite Shine

Fun Fact:

There is no single formula for nail polish. The exact formulation of a nail polish, apart from being a corporate secret, greatly depends upon choices made by chemists and chemical engineers in the research and development phase of manufacturing. Additionally, as chemicals and other ingredients become accepted or discredited for some uses, adjustments are made.

Unlike many other cosmetics that have a history of hundreds or even thousands of years, nail polish (or lacquer, or enamel) is almost completely an invention of twentieth century technology. Nail coverings were not unknown in ancient times—the upper classes of ancient Egypy probably used henna to dye both hair and fingernails—but essentially, its composition, manufacture and handling reflect developments in modern chemical technology. *

*Source: Encyclopedia


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