Ostens Patchouli Heart nr. 1

It is said that Patchouli is quite a contrasting fragrance. You simply love it, or you don’t. There is no grey area. Some people associate it with spicy, earthy, and medicinal herbs. Others find Patchouli somewhat exotic and rich. It all depends on the composition of the fragrance and how it all de develops on your skin.

Patchouli; I tend to like it on occasion. That said, the Ostens Patchouli Heart nr.1 is truly something else. Notes of the Immortelle flower have been added which softens the strong. Think Pink Pepper, Liquorice Accord, and Incense at the top, while in the heart you’ll find Rosemary, Lavandin, Lavender Abs, Immortelle Abs LMR. In the base, you’ll find soft Amber, which I love, and Labdanum. It’s an easy daytime perfume to wear, and won’t have to be hidden away until nighttime events.

At Ostens they wanted to change that typical scent and association by using Patchouli Heart from Indonesia. It is warmer, softer, and has a more modern interpretation. They hit the nail on the head. (50 ML | £95)


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