Valentino Donna Rosa Verde

As the description says; this new fragrance by Valentino is a fresh revolution in the world of Valentino Perfumes. It’s smells like white roses and sea on a sunny morning. The perfume contains notes of green rose, mate tea, bergamot, ginger and magnolia. The fun fact is except the ginger and bergamot the rest of the ingredients are usually not my cup of tea.

Yet, after applying the fragrance on my skin it is a pleasant surprise to smell how soft it develops and lingers. It’s barely there but is quite embracing making it a perfect perfume on hot summer days. I am all for this pleasant surprise and would recommend that you try it foe yourself. You might be just as amazed as I was. (125 ML | 119,-)

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde is available from the 16th of April 2018 thru DOUGLAS and DE BIJENKORF

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