Patchouli Blanc & Patchouli N’ Roses By Reminiscence

Reminiscence symbolizes a love story. A story of an enchanting meeting between two creative people and a journey that continues. Over forty years Reminiscence designs jewelry and perfumes inspired by the world’s most beautiful places, ancient art and music.

Starting in the 70ties the owners opened a shop at the French Riviera inspired by Indian products like colorful silk and mysterious incense. Then and there the first intoxicating Patchouli fragrance was born. That said; Patchouli symbolizes exact what Reminiscence stands for; a Bohemien timeless perfume that instantly transport you to faraway places and off course India.

The Patchouli blanc composition is oriental, woody and musky. To create a scent for color white the perfumes used white raw ingredients. Think the flowery hawthorn, white wood notes and musc. A beautiful scent I m sure you will love too. (100 ML| € 88)

The Patchouli and rose on the other hand would be my favorite due to the sweetness of the rose. It opens with a flower explosion of rose oxide. From there on the Damask rose takes over combined with patchouli ingredients in the heart. Yum. (100 ML|€93)

Reminiscence is available thru HERE

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