Patyka Pro Collagen Lift Mask

As we age our skin starts to loose its elasticity and unfortunately fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. Patyka’s Pro-Collagen Lift Mask to the rescue. The mask contains a highly concentrated, plant-based retinol-like active ingredient and plant-based Amino Acids that helps to boost natural collagen production.

Enriched with Vitamin C, an essential vitamin that produces collagen and diminishes pigmentation spots, this mask protects the collagen fibers and prevents them from degradation, in the meantime smelling beautifully with notes of jasmine and iris.

It also contains Vigna Aconitifolia: a 100% natural active ingredient with anti-aging efficacy equivalent to that of retinol while offering a better tolerance to the skin. It boosts cell renewal, stimulates collagen synthesis, and restores skin elasticity. Amino Acids that naturally present in collagen fibers stimulate fibroblasts and helps to minimize the depth and surface of wrinkles for a lifted skin.
Last but not least; pure plant Hyaluronic Acid helps to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier fighting dryness while smoothing and firming the skin to leave it plump and hydrated.

I promise you will like it as much as I do (50 ML|€73)

Patyka Pro-Collagen Lift Mask is available HERE

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