Penhaligons The Favourite

Just before heading back to Amsterdam after my monthly bleisure trip to London earlier this year, I landed in Harrods by invitation, and picked up a few exclusive novelties. As a particular fragrance was tickling my nose I followed the scent trail. The Favourite by Penhaligons was just hot from the press and an Harrods Exclusive. I fell in love with it then and there.
I received a silk wraparound scarf that I wore on my wrist the whole journey back.

Who’s your favorite, and what does she “your favorite scent” smell like? When it comes to this lady, waiting won’t do. She knows exactly what she wants. The golden mimosa is prominent, creating a sense of elegance in a powdery fashion, enveloped by the creamy layer of sandalwood. This baby-pink aroma is the perfect element to elevate one’s day, encapsulating the bold presence of The Favourite’s persona.

If you want to feel opulent at minimal effort, then this is a must-have fragrance. The Favourite will leave her mark of musc on you and the vanilla cloud will carry you through the day. A playful and powdery sweet perfume that will surely bring a smile to your face. (100 ML |£ 144)


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