Perricone MD Daily Foaming Cleanser & Refreshing Shower Mask

As we all know cleansing is everything. It’s one of the of steps to achieving a fresh, healthy and beautiful skin. The most important thing is to thoroughly cleanse on a daily basis. Perricone to the rescue as they just launched a daily foaming cleanser and refreshing shower mask. The foaming cleanser (150 ml | €38) thoroughly cleanses and removes makeup without stripping skin of its natural oils.

Daily Foaming Cleanser features Dr. Perricone’s proprietary Nrf2 Antioxidant Support Complex, which improves skin’s own ability to combat oxidative stress and environmental aggravators and works to prevent the first signs of aging.

The refreshing shower mask is a great catch as it works as a a true multi cleanser. unlike other masks, was designed to be used in the shower. The cooling gel mask simultaneously protects skin from the damaging effects of hot water and is activated by the shower’s heat and steam to immediately soften and smooth skin.

These are the benefits: it instantly and visibly softens and smoothes skin. It’s also activated by the shower’s heat and steam to maximize re-texturizing benefits. The cooling gel has a tingling sensation and wakes up the skin as it boosts the skin stimulates the blood circulation.

A refreshing way to kick start the day.

PERRICONE is also available thru BABASSU

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