Perricone MD Re: Firm Eye + DMAE Firming Pads

Re: Firm Eye is the newest product in Perricone MD skincare land. Next to the recently launched DMAE Firming pads also this products promises great results. This powerful eye serum is designed to improve elasticity and resilience while de-puffing and smoothing the area under the eyes.

After testing this product I could feel the skin more tightened around my eyelids. Dr. Perricone does recommend warming the product between the fingertips transforming it from a gel to a serum. As it really does work, don’t get over-enthusiast as it can slightly sting if it gets into the eyes. If it accidently does, rinse with water. It’s recommended to use it in the morning, but I’ve actually tried it in the evening as I find this more convenient.

Firming Pads _ Perricone MDPerricone Re Firm Eye

The firming pads are a package deal containing treatment pads that tighten, tone, and stimulate for radiant skin. They are designed to help tighten and tone the appearance of skin while smoothing the appearance of wrinkles and stimulating surface radiance and recommended for daily and nightly use.

Fun fact: the pad can be pressed into skin for enhanced firming benefits—leaving skin looking and feeling instantly refreshed. A nice product to carry when on the go instead of crème.

PERRICONE MD is available thru BABASSU 

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