Physalis Collagen Beauty Drink

Collagen is one of the main supportive, structural proteins found naturally in your body. In your bones, muscles, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. It simply works as a glue that holds your body together. However, in your skin it provides strength and elasticity. The issue is that your collagen production naturally begins to slow down as you age.

I kick started my day with a Collagen Coffee drink that not only contains a fair amount of wake up call cafeïne, it also gives your skin a much needed collagen boost. Next to that it’s a great boost for the skin it also gives that little extra for joints, bones, muscles and cartilage.

Coffee side kick

One sachet of collagen coffee contains 100% Arabic blend instant coffee extract, 5 mg of easy compatible Naticol collagen and MCT cocos powder for a little extra energy. MCT fats, which are fats that can be found in coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and dairy products. MCT oil is mainly used by people looking to lose weight, or boost their endurance during a workout. Your secret weapon to get you through the day with radiant skin and a healthy dose of energy. (12 PCS | €26)

Double Collagen Dose

For an extra collagen boost take two sachets of physalis Collagen daily which contains a 10 gram extra high dose of collagen. It works on the immune system and helps to slow down the breakdown of collagen in the cartilage. The collagen boost benefits the skin but is also beneficial for the hair and  nails. Mix it with your favorite juice or smoothie, or just add some cold or hot water. (12 PCS | €28)

Find a recipe below:

Cutting out a few foods can help your skin, too. For starters, keep an eye on your sugar and carbohydrate consumption. Both can cause inflammation and damage your skin’s collagen. Instead, prioritize mineral-rich fruits and vegetables, as well as protein-rich animal and plant foods.

Physalis Collagen Beauty Drink is available thru Holland & Barrett


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