PIXI by Petra Skincare and Make-up at Babassu Spa Amsterdam

The colorful brand is founded in Soho, London and is a cult British beauty brand that has grown since its birth. Created on the belief that make-up is there to enhance your natural beauty (now we’re talking) and not to entirely cover your complexion, each Pixi (make-up) product is infused with a blend of natural ingredients and botanical extracts to nurture your skin as it perfects.

With a full range of products there is something there for everyone. From a pretty cool flawless beauty primer that corrects an uneven skin tone, that is paraben and fragrance free, you might not even need foundation just a touch of the balmy concealer.  (30 ML | € 31)

I was a fan of the famous cult following  glow toner already which contains ingredients like Aloe Vera and ginseng leaving your skin looking extra glowy. A great catch as the glow tonic is alcohol free, so no pulling or tight feeling skin.

During a press launch I was introduced to the double cleanse cleanser. It’s a two 2-in-1 jar that contains a solid cleansing oil on one side and a cleansing cream on the other. (2x 50 ML | € 31)

In the first step the cleansing oil removes make-up (yes, even the stubborn and waterproof kind) In the second step the luxe cream (which has a balmy texture) cleans the skin prepping it for the next step. A lovely product I assure you. In LOVE. I could go on and on about the products but you really need to try them for yourself.

There a lot of skin treats coming your way this spring. From a rose cream cleanser, to a rose tonic toner which is soothing and alcohol free. One of my favorite products from the spring 2018 color collection is the GLOW-Y Gossamer Duo. A mineral powder duo that that gives the perfect candle highlight . Wear it alone or use it as a highlight under the foundation for that little EXTRA. (€ 22)

Naturally I will keep you updated on the spring novelties launch date for the Netherlands.

Picture with the Head of artistry Amanda Bell who likes to says EXTRA a lot J

ps: if you’re visiting London, don’t forget to pop in the Pixi store in Camden, London.


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