Sisley Intensive Dark Spot Corrector – From the 1st of February 2015

If pigmentation and dark spots are skin issues you would like to address, recommend the intensive dark spot corrector. Not because anyone is asking me to do so, merely because it does what it promises. I’ve had a (now I have to use a microscope to find them) few irregularities of my own, and have used Intensive Dark Spot Corrector twice a day for a couple of weeks. To achieve the best results I should keep going for four weeks in a row. The dark spots are miraculously diminished after these two weeks of consequent use. The corrector has a lightening complex that works on any skin tone and contains two active ingredients that stimulates the natural exfoliation of the skin. It visibly reduces the size and intensity of all dark spots, including dark spot caused by  UV rays, natural aging and free radicals. Hurray to an even complexion.

 Sisley Intensive Dark Spot Corrector Sisley Dark Spot Corrector Sisley Dark Spot Corrector

Sisley Intensive Dark Spot Corrector (7ml | € 111,- ) is available from 1st of February 2015


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