Provida – Almond -Lemon Body Oil

Because the skin could use an extra boost after the summer and autumn are already around the corner, giving your skin a little extra TLC will help your skin digest to the upcoming season. The oil contains almond, jojoba, rapeseed, and olive that will not only soothe and feels like aromatherapy.

The Almond-Lemon Body Oil from Provida provides the skin with essential nutrients with effective vegetable oils and improves the elasticity of the tissue. The fresh citrus scent gives the whole body a lovely scent. The vegan body oil also contains lemon oil, sweet orange oil, and bergamot oil.

The beneficial effects of massages have been known for a long time and more and more people are learning to appreciate it. A massage not only helps physical and mental relaxation, it also strengthens the tissue and promotes general well-being. A good massage oil, which is chosen depending on the skin type or the purpose of the massage, has a supportive effect. (100 ML | € 18,50)


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