QMS Active Refining Exfoliant – Body Scrub

At QMS Medicosmetics focusing on anti-aging treatments containing collagen and hyaluronic acid are key. As you might know, both ingredients are produced by our body but as we grow older they are not produced as sufficiently as we might like, to stimulate skin renewal. One of the reasons I am a true fan of QMS is the fact that the products deliver. I have written about a variety of products but the base starts HERE.

With the launch of the active refining body exfoliant, your skin is going to be glowing with joy. The body scrub contains salt and sugar crystals that gently remove dead skin cells giving it that nourishment while pampering the skin. Just imagine having a crazy amount of skin softness that lasts. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Enjoy. ( 180ML | €88,-)

QMS is available HERE


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