Rose Hermès – Hermes Beauty Collection – From The 15th of April 2021

Following on from Rouge Hermès, the founding gesture of Hermès Beauty, comes Rose Hermès. And we are loving it.

The collection contains eight shades of Rose Hermès Silky Blush, two brushes (long handle and travel size), a Pommette blush case, and three rosy lip enhancers. The collection is refillable which is a great plus.

The lip balms, a collection of three pinks ranging from the lightest to the darkest melts on the lips, leaving a semi-matte luminosity, like a halo of color with a waxy finish. I love the fact that the balms are refillable too. A must-have for every lady’s handbag if you ask me.


I am totally smitten by the beauty of a blush brush. The goat bristle fibers are hand-made by a brush maker. It enhances a daily ritual inviting you to pamper your skin with it every day.

At Hermes Pink is the emotion of a Dawning day, as well as a signature that blends vivacity and boldness with gentleness. During the 1908’s, pink took on an intense palette of colors, as silken as the Hermes scarves they embellished. That said, the color pink is the very essence of Hermès, the air that it breathes…


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