SANA Amsterdam Premium Marine Collagen We Love

A third of the human body id collagen. It is the building block for bones, muscles, skin, ligaments, and many other body parts. Think of it as the glue that holds you together. As we age, and let not forget the sun exposure, our body produces less collagen. Collagen is necessary to maintain a healthy body and age gracefully.

I couldn’t be happier to be the proud ambassador of Sana Amsterdam. I’ve written about my love for Sana Amsterdam before. Find the article HERE

They are the most convenient collagen shots and I bring them along everywhere I go. The collagen shots contain superior quality collagen and enhanced with essential all-natural ingredients. The collagen shots and liquid shots have a great taste. Sana Amsterdam only uses 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable marine collagen in hydrolyzed form, for a better absorption.

As I am always on the go, I love the fact that the liquid collagen sachets don’t have to be mixed with anything whatsoever. You just need to melt the powder under your tong allowing it to absorb into the bloodstream without the loss of collagen through breakdown in the digestive system. Both Beyond Collagen and Power Collagen have great benefits. Read the benefits HERE.

My favorite is the Power Collagen, as it contributes to strong bones, muscle recovery and healthy metabolism. Next to the marine collagen from Norway it contains vitamin B12, whey protein, barley grass, ponkan fruit and green coffee bean. You wont be disappointed.




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