NIOD Sanskrit Saponins

NIOD stands for Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science. The science utilizes sophisticated, ingredients to bring your skin the best the industry has to offer. This deep cleaning balm contains natural saponins (plant chemicals) derived from Ayurvedic plants which maintain the skin’s balance while deeply cleansing it.

It’s free of synthetic surfactants, sulfates, or oils, while the pH-balanced formula clears dead skin cells without peeling, targeting all forms of build-up and cleaning pores intensely to leave your complexion exceptionally clear.

Use once every other day in the AM or the PM, whatever your skin desires. It is not intended to remove make-up. If you are wearing make-up remove it first. Wet your face and massage a dot of Sanskrit Saponins between your palms for a few seconds. Then apply it to the entire face and massage gently, avoiding the eyes. Rinse thoroughly while keeping your eyes closed. Dry with a towel. (90 ML | €23,70)

NIOD is available HERE


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