Sexy Crazy Clean Glamglow cleansers

Glamglow introduces three new charcoal cleansers that transform after applying. The formulas promise to swipe away make-up, detoxify and clarify the skin surface.

Let’s start with the Galacticcleanse shall we. When this jelly Balm comes in contact with water it transform into a nourishing cleansing milk. “A first of its kind Jelly-to-Milk midnight cleanser that sparkles and shimmers like stars.” (€29,90)

The super cleanse clearing foam contains a unique Triple Charcoal Boost that promises to fight on impurities and oily skin for a super soft mattified skin after each use. ( €29.90)
The Bubblesheet deep clenase mask transform into a foam while the transparent cleanser transforms into 3D micro bubbles that absorb dirt, make-up, and offer the ultimate detox. (€8,90)

I know which cleansers I’ll be aiming for. What about you?

Sexy Crazy Clean Glamglow cleansers are available thru DOUGLAS

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