Sisley’s new Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream

Sisley’s new Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream Plumping & Radiance van Sisley is a tot day skincare. The texture is lovely as it’s very airy yet comfortable. From a prior collection the Black Rose Crème Mask and precious face oil was and is a fully hydrating combination that very well boosts the skin. The three extracts of black roses helps restore the skins elastacity and glow.

Next to that the products, including the Slsley Baume -en- Eau A La Rose Noire contains magnolia, prunes and geranium. That said; the Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream was launched in June of this year and I finally tried the product. One way or the other it seems that the scent has a soothing effect and tickles the senses while in the meantime the ingredients do wonders on the skin. You should definitely try it. I’ll bet you’ll like it too.

50 ML | €145


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