Sunny Side Up by Juliette has a gun

The nicest thing about perfume is that you can sprinkle yourself with emotion depending on how you feel and /or which way you want your mood to go. While writing this article, and it is the end of July 2017, the weather is so-so, meaning one moment the sun want to come out to play,  the next it starts to rain.

To keep my mood from swinging with back and forth like the weather, I like to wear a perfume that keeps me in a constant uplifting vibe. Juliette has a gun launched  a perfume called Sunny Side Up, how very appropriate.

It smells like fresh breath of sunny air, making your head spin (in a good way) and wander off to idyllic places. It contains sandalwood in the top, Ambrette and vanilla in the base, iris and jasmine in the heart. Sunny Side Up also contains a little of Iso E Super, (one of my fav ingredients which is also used for Escentric Molecule fragrances) Yes, love a first sight indeed. (50ml|€85/ 100ml|€110)


Sunny Side is also available thru SKINS COSMETICS from September 2017

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