Susanne Kaufmann Organics Rejuvenating Hand Duo

Susanne Kaufmann Organics created a whole new and promising range for that special handcare. And don’t we often forget about the hands and feet and just have special attention for our face and mostly specific areas of the body instead. The hand peeling promises to mildly peel the skin surface of the hands.

The hand peel rejuvenating is an intelligent peeling with what they call a „smart sensor”. The particles begin to dissolve as soon as the peel reaches optimal temperature level. Loaded with vitamin B which is known for its soothing and anti-irritating properties. The hand peeling stimulates the appearance of skin renewing and contributes to major biological processes in skin metabolism. It’s advised to use it several times a week on dry skin and massage in gently. After the particles have dissolved, rinse with lukewarm water and follow with the hand serum rejuvenating. (50 ml |€ 63)

The hand serum rejuvenating helps to repair and regenerate with a high concentration of active ingredients. It contains a three-dimensional herbal hyaluronic acid, which aids in acting both on the surface and deep in the skin structures. Antioxidants and the coenzyme Q10 strengthen the feeling of elasticity and aid in the collagen production while diminishing the appearance of dark spots, so your hands will feel silky and look youthful. The best part? The combination of this three key ingredients helps to strengthens the skin structure and fight against the aging effects of environmental stresses while increasing luminosity.  A perfect feel good experience for your hands. (50 ml |€ 84)

This intelligent hand duo is exclusively available at SKINS COSMETICS





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