THE  BUTCHER Social Club Tasting

THE  BUTCHER Social  Club unites  Amsterdam  all  day and all night. When  Amsterdam  is  fast  asleep, THE  BUTCHER connects the  city’s  nighthawks  and  early  birds  in THE BUTCHER Social  Club.  The concept  of  the ENTOURAGE  GROUP is a  24h juncture  of   great  food,  new  music,  edgy  creativity,  metropolitan  lifestyle,  and  urban  design.

Situated  in and  outside of Amsterdam’s  newest  mash up  of  urban  style,  the  A’DAM  tower,  the  famous THE  BUTCHER brand  gets an unequalled  twist.  THE BUTCHER Social  Club  is  a  full service  playground  for urbanites,  open  from  8 AM  until  far after  midnight  and  all around the clock  on  Friday and Saturday.

Since  2012, THE  BUTCHER has  been  shaking  up  Amsterdam  by  serving  the  best  bloody  burgers  in  town.  Haute  fast  food  is  prepared  on  the  spot  with  only  the  freshest  of  ingredients.  The  relaxed  atmosphere  of  THE  BUTCHER and  the  professional  service  level  have  made  the  burger  bar  the  place  for  a  cool  yet  relaxed  meal  out.

That said, I had the privilege to indulge in all that the Butcher Social Club has to offer. Starting with my favorite peanut butter milkshake which is to die for. The truffle burgers with Prime Aberdeen Angus Beef, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion & truffle glaze are the best and the real treat for me are the sweet potato fries. Looking forward to my next The Butcher Social experience. You can wake me up for those anytime. Yum.

‘People  connect  on  all  levels,  yet   most  of  the  times  it  includes food,  music,  games  or  art.  THE  BUTCHER Social  Club  combines  all  these  uniting  elements  in  a  high end  24h concept  of  casual  quality.’

THE  BUTCHER Social  Club
Overhoek Square 7


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