Tom Daxon White Narcissus Candle

Tom Daxon is a British brand which produces it’s highly fragranced scents at a family-run, father-daughter perfumery in Grasse, France. Primarily inspired by the ingredients themselves, Tom Daxon unisex fragrances are meticulously created without the restrictions of time or cost.  I introduced you to a few of the beautiful perfumes by Tom Daxon HERE

Spring is here. I love the way of getting in spring mood by lighting a candle that mentally transports you to the lightness of a hopeful season. Tom Daxon’s White Narcissus scented candle blends notes of fresh florals with pale woods. The candle is handmade in England, this clean floral candle captures the awakening aroma of a white winter bouquet set among smoky woods. Crisp narcissus mingles with hyacinth, galbanum and violet leaf, spiced and softened by cardamom and a gaiac & cedar wood duo. If you want to create a tranquil ambiance then this is a candle for you.
(190 Gr. | £55.00)

Galbanum, Green Violet Leaf, Cardamom
Narcissus, Hyacinth
Vetiver, Gaiac Wood, Cedarwood

Tom Daxon

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