Trinny London Skincare

If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now. I adore Trinny London and love her Instagram videos that are inspirational style and beauty-wise. In my beauty kit, you’ll find Trinny’s stackable lip2cheek sheer shimmers lip & cheek jars, the creamy Eye2eye eyeshadow, and the BFF de-stress tinted serum which is easy to use and very effective. With the launch of Trinny’s new skincare line, it will not only be enjoyable to apply your favorite make-up products, but it will also be just as enjoyable to take it all off.

Get ready to thoroughly clean and nourish your skin with the ‘Be Your Best’ oil-based cleanser that promises to take off even the most stubborn make-up. With the ‘Better Off’ you’ll be able to go a little deeper. An active yet skin-friendly AHA/ PHA cleanser that promises to cleanse and exfoliate without stripping the skin. Both cleansers come with a muslin cloth and are well thought, refillable. Use them on their own or if you’ve been wearing make-up and SPF all day, double cleanse. Your skin will agree with you.

Trinny London

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