TUSH BRUSHES by Liselotte Van Saarloos

What a girl without her make-up gear. A great set of brushes is a must to get in Flawless Face shape and it will inspire you to get the make-up artist out in you.


There are still a lot of people who don’t invest because they think it’s a waste of money. I can tell you it is not. High quality brushes go a long way. Especially if you handle them with care, just as you do while washing your hair. Find a few handy tips below.*

The difference in appearance is pretty simple. From cakey looking make-up and streaky bronzer and blush to visible concealer also known as craquelé. Not a pretty sight.


Tush brushes is created by fellow make-up artist Liselotte van Saarloos who has earned her stripes in make-up artistry land.  After redeveloping the range, the look and feel is professional and easy to use, and there is something there for everyone. You really might want to get aquinted.


Of everything that goes into a makeup kit, brushes are the one thing we all use every day, for pretty much every look. It’s important to take care of them properly. But what product do you use to clean them? What’s the best way to dry them? Since we are make-up brush lovers on this end, find some simple solutions to a few of the most-asked brush-cleaning questions. Whether you try one or all, your brushes will thank you over the years.

How to clean brushes without harming them?

Pro or not, keeping your brushes clean is non-negotiable. Parian Spirit, a line of non toxic cleaning products designed specifically for makeup brushes, makes that super easy. In place of harsh detergents usually found in brush cleaners, Parian is made with citrus-derived spirits and food-grade solvents. It smells like oranges and gently dissolves all types of makeup (powders, liquids, wax-based products, creams)—while simultaneously conditioning and disinfecting bristles. That means your brushes can live a long, bacteria-free life.

How to prevent a brush head from losing its shape after washing.

When you clean your brushes, they get wet naturally. For some reason the brushes  get misshapen as they dry. Enter The Brush Guard, one of the simplest little lifesavers I’ve ever discovered.

The concept is simple: right after you wash a brush, you slip one of these tightly woven, mesh-like polyester sleeves over the head, and let it dry (preferably bristles-down; more on that in a minute!). The breathable material lets water drain out and away, rather than seeping into the handle, which can loosen the glue that holds the hairs in place. Good luck!



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