TWEEZERMAN’s renewed innovative and high-quality products

Tweezerman specializes in beauty tools for facial, nail, foot, and hand care. Tweezerman’s innovative and high-quality products have been used by professionals in the beauty industry for years. The Tweezerman tweezers, the Slant Tweezer, are one of the most popular products and have been honored several times with prestigious awards over the years.

With the Slant Tweezer, you can professionally shape your eyebrows. This well-known and award-winning Slant Tweezer from Tweezerman is a 25° angled tip tweezer known for its precision and has perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips that precisely grab each hair every time. (€26.95)

With the Point Tweezer, you can professionally shape your eyebrows. The Point Tweezer has a very fine, tapered tip, ideal for removing stubble, ingrown hairs, and splinters. The hand-sharpened tips close evenly and firmly and help remove every hair from the root. (€29.95)

The Promaster Lash Curler is ideal for anyone with deep-set, almond-shaped eyes. This ergonomic eyelash curler has a wide opening and is slightly less curved at the top so that every hair is curled. Provides optimal control and creates beautifully curled lashes in just a few seconds. (€27.95)

The Procurl Lash Curler in rose gold! An ergonomically designed eyelash curler that fits closely to the round eye shape and gives the eyelashes a beautiful, long-lasting curl. It’s easy to use for both beginners and experts. The double body and pre-shaped loops provide extra strength for a beautiful curl. Fab! (€31,95)



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